Casiki Media

We are a small online gaming media company, working mainly with online casino and online sports betting sites.

Currently based in Sofia, Bulgaria, Casiki Media has remote staff working out of three other countries in the E.U. zone.

While the company itself is relatively new, the people involved in it have been working in the online casino industry since the early 2000's.

The active projects with which we are involved are listed below, but we also have active and long established websites that drive over 1,500 FTD's to online casinos every month.

In the process of establishing the company in Sofia, we intend to centralise some of the administration and development work, and in that respect we have some vacancies right now in the Sofia area.The details are on the Jobs page.

About the company

We do everything our own way. From building websites, to SEO, to promoting online casinos, we have our own method of doing things.

Most of the information that you can get from public online sources about the online gambling affiliate marketing business is, in our view, at best incorrect.

A lot of it is outdated, and some of it is downright harmful.

This is NOT our office in Sofia. But it is an office, and it is in Sofia, and, maybe one day, we will have one like it. We just wanted something to fill out the site a bit.

This is our address though;

Casiki Media Ltd,
3rd Floor
21B Moskovska Str.,
Oborishte District
Sofia Municipality
Sofia 1000


We like responsive design, the mobile first approach, fast load times, lean startup models, and long walks on the beach.

We dislike that Sofia has no beach.

Our projects

We are involved in varying ways with the following online gambling websites.


Don't call us - we won't call you.

Should you feel the need to contact us, we would urge you to take a moment to rethink your decision. Seriously, have a good, long think about that. If you still think it's a good idea then you can email us at Don't expect a quick response though.